McAfee SECURE Certified Sites

McAfee SECURE Certified Sites

How Can You Tell Which Websites Are Safe To Visit?

Every time you go onto a website, you place a great deal of trust in the people who operate it. Even if you aren’t aware of it, you’re assuming that it’s malware-free, that your usernames and passwords will be kept private, and that any credit card information is safe from hackers.

Some sites are better at this than others, for example—your bank’s website probably takes its security more seriously than your Uncle Ricky’s blog. But for all those websites in between, it can be tough to tell where you can proceed safely and confidently.

Websites that display our McAfee SECURE trustmark have been rigorously tested and certified as safe. We do this by regularly scanning for weak spots where hackers and other bad guys can get in.

Weak spots we test for include:

  • Links
  • Downloads
  • Registering an email address and password
  • Uploading Files
  • Providing financial information
  • Credit card transactions

What happens if a website doesn’t pass the test?

If a website fails to meet our high standards for any of these categories, it loses the ability to display the certification trustmark. Only after a compromised site passes our tests multiple times are we satisfied, and we allow it to show off the trustmark once again.

Check it once, check it twice.

If you see the trustmark on a website and want to make sure it’s secure, mouse over the McAfee SECURE trustmark to see their certification test results and more information about the website. Or, click on the trustmark and we’ll show you the results on our website.