Introducing the Engagement Trustmark

A big ask requires big confidence

After conducting research about the average website user, we discovered that the more they’re asked to do, the higher their guard will be up. In other words, asking someone to play a video raises few security concerns, while asking for their social security number raises many.

As we all know, visitors with security concerns are bad for your business. They hurt your conversion rate, increase your bounce rate, and damage your bottom line. The McAfee SECURE certification is, and always has been, all about easing those concerns—wherever they crop up.

Reassure visitors when it counts

That’s why we’ve developed a new way for you to fight them. We call it the engagement trustmark. It’s similar to our regular trustmark that you’re already displaying on your site, but it’s designed exclusively to increase engagement.

How? Unlike the certification trustmark, the engagement trustmark stays in one spot. So whether that’s by a signup form or in the checkout of your sales flow, visitors will know they’re safe as soon as they look at an engagement area.

The best fit for your site

Plus, its customizable size means you’ll be able to fit it perfectly on your site, no matter what your design looks like, or what type of conversion metric you’re after. (Pro tip: if you use the static trustmark on your site, our engagement mark is ideal for placing in your header.)

Lastly, the engagement trustmark isn’t hover-to-verify, like the certification trustmark. By removing this feature, we help keep your visitors focused on your engagement area. That means more conversions, fewer abandonments, and more money in your pocket. And we can all use more of that.

Get started

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