5 WordPress plugins to increase your sales

One of the biggest advantages of running your business on a WordPress site is the sheer number of plugins available. These plugins help take your business to the next level by giving you access to tools and technology that in most cases would be beyond the reach of most site owners.

Here are our 5 favorite WordPress plugins for ecommerce sites. In one way or another, they’ll help your site sell more.

SEO By Yoast

Since so many of your visitors will come to your site through a search engine (almost 50%, according to one study) it makes sense that we’re starting with an SEO plugin.

SEO By Yoast for Wordpress Banner

SEO improves your performance in search, and is critical to any site, no matter their industry or conversion metric. But it’s also a time consuming, technical process. Most ecommerce sites have neither the time, expertise, or the budget to ensure their site is following SEO best practices.

SEO By Yoast makes this process much, much easier on site owners. It will help you optimize every aspect of your site, from images to meta descriptions—so you’ll do better in search, and get more visitors and sales as a result. And it’s free to use (although you can buy premium add-ons)!

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W3 Total Cache

This one is a no brainer. Having a slow website kills conversions and sends your bounce rate through the roof. As a website owner, you’ve got to make sure that your site is loading in 2 seconds or less, because visitors tend to leave—and not return—around the 3 second mark.

W3 Total Cache for Wordpress banner

The W3 Total Cache plugin improves your site’s performance by reducing load time, increasing download speeds, and utilizing browser caching. Don’t leave home without this one.

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AB Press Optimizer

A/B Testing, sometimes called split testing, is one of the basic tools in a website owner’s arsenal. As the name suggests, A/B testing is a science experiment: the site owner tries out two or more options for their site’s design—the location, color, or size of a call to action button, for example—and sees which performs better with the visitors.

AB Press Optimizer for Wordpress nanner

Though essential, like SEO, few WordPress site owners have the time, resources or knowledge to set up an A/B test, let alone gather the results.

That’s where AB Press Optimizer comes in. By making A/B testing simple and intuitive, it allows you to discover which layout and configurations generate the most conversions for your site.

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Email remains the most widely used tool among marketers—with good reason. It’s direct, personal, and it drives conversions. That’s why capturing email is so high on seemingly every marketer’s list.

OptinMonster for Wordpress banner

OptinMonster is a plugin that helps your site gather email addresses through intelligent pop-ups. Yes, pop-ups. When used indiscriminately, they can be the most annoying thing on the Internet. But used well (when a visitor is about to navigate away from your site, for example), they can be an extremely effective tool for lead generation.

OptinMonster is all about doing it the right way, the smart way. It helps you retain visitors, not chase them away. You’ll grow your all-important leads database, meaning you’ll be able to turn people you would have otherwise missed into the customers you need.

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McAfee SECURE Certification

With hacking, identity theft and malware increasingly in the news, one of the most effective strategies to boost sales is to remind people that you’re one of the good guys. People need reassurances that their personal and financial information will be safe in your hands, especially if they’ve never bought from you before.

McAfee SECURE certification for Wordpress banner

By displaying its globally recognized trustmark, the McAfee SECURE service lets your customers know that your store’s security is certified by McAfee. For WordPress users, the service is offered on a freemium model: the first 500 monthly visitors to your site will see the trustmark; after that, the trustmark disappears till next month—unless you upgrade to the paid service.

Get the free McAfee SECURE certification for WordPress

Next steps

WordPress is a great platform precisely because people take the time to build plugins that make the lives of its users easier. The five we recommended here just scratch the surface of what’s out there and are available to website owners like you, so make sure you explore!