How your visitors lose trust (and what you can do about it)

Whether you know it or not, earning and keeping visitor trust is a massive part of having an online business. It helps determine whether people who come to your site will click on your links, add your products to the shopping cart, and give their personal information to your site.

And because 75% of consumers say they don’t like giving out their credit card number online*, to earn their business, you really have to earn that trust.

distrust + errors graph

You can lose trust in a heartbeat

There’s a whole laundry list of items that can cause people to lose trust in your site. Some of them you can’t control: maybe someone has a bum internet connection and blames your site for the slow speed, or they read a great review of a competitor on and decide not to go with you.

But others you can control. And that’s what we’re going to focus on.

Small errors erode trust.

If your site is lesser-known, visitors—especially new ones—can be thrown by very little problems. If they try and add something to their cart and get a 404 page, they may wonder if your site has been hacked. If you have broken links, or missing images, they may doubt the professionalism of your business, and may consider taking theirs elsewhere.

And of course, slow loading pages: according to Kissmetrics, every second delay in page load time causes a 7% decrease in conversions—that’s losing trust in action.

Nice and Tiedy

Look professional

By stamping out these little problems, you’ll show your visitors that you’re trustworthy and reliable. But how do you do it? Scanning every page of your website is a time sink, and these errors crop up all the time.

Get a diagnostics tool

We encourage site owners to use our diagnostics tool, which helps sniff out these errors before your visitors find them. You’re alerted when your site has problems, and it shows you where they are so you can take action. (Plus, the diagnostics tool also comes with our sitemap generator included — it’s really great too!)

Making sure your site is saying the right thing to your customers is one of the strongest plays you can make as a business owner, so don’t let this one get past you!

*Harris Interactive, Trustmark Attitudes and Perceptions, 2013