Introducing TrustedSite

As some of you may have already noticed, PathDefender, the company that previously operated the McAfee SECURE service, has undergone a name change. And if you’re reading this blog post, you can probably guess what our new name is…


That’s right: it’s TrustedSite.

We chose this name because it better aligns with our goal: to make the Internet a better place for web users, and to help website owners be successful.

So what are the changes that come with the new name? Glad you asked.

There will be no changes or interruptions to the service.

If you use any of the services we offer β€” website security certification, PCI compliance, vulnerability scanning, or our website diagnostics & sitemap generator tool β€” then be assured that nothing is changing. Though we have a new logo and snazzy new name, you’ll still receive the same top-notch service you did when we were PathDefender.

The Trust Pack is now TrustedSite Pro

PathDefender isn’t the only thing getting a name change. We’re also changing the name of the Trust Pack, a set of tools designed to improve the performance of websites. Now, it’s called TrustedSite Pro.

As with the McAfee SECURE service, nothing is changing here for current subscribers. You still get the diagnostics tool, and you still get the automatic sitemap generator. (If you don’t know what those are and how they can benefit your site, check it out here!)


We’re still the same people bringing you the same great services β€” and new great services are in the works as you read this!