4 Trust-Building Apps for Your Weebly Store

Target in 2013. Sony in 2014. TurboTax this year. Over the past few years, high-profile data breaches seem all the more common. In addition to multimillion dollar settlements and headaches that all the aspirin in the world couldn’t cure, these breaches have created something else:
A climate of fear among consumers.

It’s why 80% of people say they’re worried about their credit card information being stolen, and over 50% say they’re worried about their credit score being damaged. It’s why a whopping 95% say they’re worried about their security online.*

In the land of uncertainty, the trusted store is king

So what should ecommerce sites do amidst all these doubts and fears? As it turns out, the best thing is to stand out as a reputable, legitimate business. In other words, you’ve got to earn trust.

And fortunately, thanks to all of the apps available, doing that is easier than it sounds. Read our guest post¬†over at Weebly’s blog to discover¬†our 4 favorite trust-building apps, all available in the Weebly App Center.