4 Ways Your Site Can Take Advantage of Earth Day



All around the world, Earth Day is growing in popularity. Leo is all about it. So are big companies like Toyota and Wells Fargo. Even NASA is on board, and they’re mostly into not-Earthly things. The point is, Earth Day is going mainstream.

Because of this, it’s also an increasingly valuable opportunity to make a great impression with your website visitors, potentially giving your business a big boost.

So do you love the idea of getting involved in Earth Day, but have no idea where to start? Have no fear. We’ve put together a list on how you can be greener without spending all your…green. (Ba-dum tss!)

1. Send digital receipts

Because this is 2016 and not 1996, you’re probably doing this anyway. But even major companies like Amazon still send paper receipts along with every package they ship — despite the fact that they also send digital ones!

You don't need to be sending one of these.
You don’t need to be sending one of these.

Eliminate waste and save money by only sending digital receipts. If a customer requests a paper receipt, you can always print one out for them.

2. Let customers know you care (but don’t brag)

A simple, unintrusive message at the bottom of emails like, “Please consider the environment before printing this email” can go a long way toward showing customers that you support the environment.

Easy to include at the bottom of your emails.

That being said, bragging that you care about the environment can come off as condescending, so be careful that you don’t sound like you’re giving a lecture.

3. Have a green sale

As we mentioned earlier, Earth Day is also a business opportunity. Many companies offer environmentally friendly deals to entice customers into buying more on April 22nd. H&M, for example, is offering discounts for customers who bring them their old clothes, which they then turn into new apparel, or donate.

Your store could could:

  • Offer to donate a percentage of the day’s sales to an environmental charity
  • Have an outright sale for certain “green” items in your store
  • Offer free shipping for certain “green” items
  • If you’re using Shopify, there are even apps like One Tree Planted that help make this easier.

Whatever you decide to do, take advantage of the fact that Earth Day will be on people’s minds.

4. Get a green business certificate

As you’re probably aware, there are many website certificates out there (the website you’re on offers one, in fact). As “green” gets more and more normalized, being certified as environmentally friendly might become just as valuable for your ecommerce site as a security seal.

Note the Green Seal (highlighted).
Note the Green Seal (highlighted).

With that in mind, there are quite a few seals to choose from. The original Green Seal is a popular choice, in part because it’s been around for almost 30 years. That being said, every business has different needs.

If you sell soap, for example, there might be a seal specifically for home products you’d rather use. So take a poke around and find the right one.

Wrapping Up

Earth Day isn’t just about one 24-hour period where you show that you care about the environment — it’s just an opportunity to start doing so. Increasingly, your customers will care more and more about these things, so we think now is a great time to take the needed steps to make your business greener.