6 facts about Father’s Day that ecommerce stores need to know


It may not feel like it, but Father’s Day is right around the corner. (I know, I know. Didn’t we just do Mother’s Day? Well, Dads need the love too!) While it’s not as massive an ecommerce day as the one in May, it’s still a pretty huge deal.

In 2015, Americans spent an estimated $12.7 billion on Father’s Day, and this year, we’re likely to do something similar. But if you’re going to get a piece of that ample pie, you’re going to need to know the facts. Plus, we’ll tell you the steps you need to follow to take advantage of them.

Let’s start with an easy one:

1. WHEN is Father’s Day?


Shame on you for not knowing this one! (Just kidding. We had to look this up too.) The answer is June 19th, 2016. For those keeping score at home, that’s just three weeks away!

2. HOW do people shop?

According to a survey by TrueShip, at least 50% of Americans will shop online for father’s day. That’s a hefty chunk of that $13 billion available to ecommerce sites like yours.

3. WHEN do folks buy?

According to Nextopia, 67% of people buy their Father’s Day gifts in June. That means, as of right now, you’ve got plenty of time left to make moves. But hurry, because 31% of people make their purchase two weeks before the holiday. That means your best sales time will start on June 5th, so get ready!

4. WHAT do they buy?

Charoal grill

Thanks once again to the fine people at Nextopia, we know that 39% of shoppers opt to get Dad things he can wear, like shoes and clothes, while 26% get perhaps the most stereotypical of Dad gifts like tools and hardware, another 26% get papa a fancy bottle of booze of some variety. Surprisingly, despite the image of dads loving shiny toys, only 18% get techy stuff like smartphones, TVs, and e-readers.

The move: If you sell any of these things, display them prominently on your site, and send out an eblast to your customers reminding them that Father’s Day is coming up. In that eblast, be sure to include some of your wares that will appeal to dads.

5. HOW MUCH do people spend?

The National Retail Federation says the average Father’s Day spend is $115.57! That is a lot on gifts. But, it’s important to remember that 55% of customers will spend less than $100 on gifts. This means that a small number of people spending a lot on gifts (like smartphones and lawnmowers) are skewing the numbers so it seems like the average person is spending more than they are.

The move: While it may be tempting to promote your big, $100+ products for Father’s Day, you’re going to do better volume if you offer lesser-value gifts that more people will buy.

6. WHAT closes the deal?

Multiple studies confirm it. Customers love free shipping. It increases your conversion rates, and if you price it correctly, can yield impressive profit boosts as well.

The move: Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Offer free shipping for Father’s Day purchases, but be careful not to go overboard. Choose a price point that customers have to hit so the increased conversions don’t end up costing you money in shipping!

Wrapping up

Father’s Day isn’t a make-or-break holiday for most businesses (unlike the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas). But, if you take advantage, it can be a nice feather in your cap, and a great way to head into summer sales.