Announcing Big Changes to TrustedSite Reviews!

Hey there!

We’ve made some exciting additions to TrustedSite Reviews that are all about making it easy and affordable to build trust and sell more online.

These new features will help you collect, moderate, and share reviews through a trusted third party — that’s us! — to deliver authentic feedback for new and returning visitors. Plus, it’s integrated with the McAfee SECURE service you already use!

What are they?

More ways to collect reviews

Collecting reviews can be time-consuming if you don’t have the right tools, but we make it easy to reach out to happy customers through our Review Request Email.

Every time a customer makes a purchase, they’ll automatically get an email asking for some kind words about your store. These reviews will show on your profile page as verified purchases, adding more authenticity to your reviews. And all this happens without you lifting a finger.

If you’re just getting started out, you can also manually send review requests to recent customers. All you need to do is enter the email address of customers you know had a great experience, and we’ll send them a request for a review.

New ways to show customers how great your business is

Our new suite of display widgets, available exclusively to TrustedSite Business users, helps you leverage your trust into sales by highlighting your best reviews in beautiful, attention-grabbing formats:

Reviews Badge

Put customers at ease by showing off your site’s overall score, as well as the total number of reviews received. 

Reviews Carousel

Seal the deal on product pages, or just brag on your homepage by displaying the very best reviews in a gorgeous slideshow.

Reviews Gallery

Display every review you’ve ever received, sortable by time or by rating.

Reviews Summary

Give customers a more in-depth look at your site’s rating by showing them a breakdown of how many people gave your site each score.

More about the benefits of TrustedSite Business:


Lots of sharing

Our social media buttons let you share reviews with potential customers, showing them what people are saying about your business. You can also add the share buttons, which let visitors easily share the page they’re on to friends, family, and potential new customers.’

They go together like peas and carrots

TrustedSite Reviews integrates with your McAfee SECURE Certification seamlessly, meaning your reviews will display on your site’s McAfee SECURE Certification verification page. That same verification page also links to your TrustedSite Reviews profile page, giving your visitors a full picture of how great your business is, from security to reviews.

More trust and sales for all customers

We know some of you are just starting out, and so you don’t need a paid plan yet. We have good news for you too! You can collect and display unlimited reviews as a lite user through the automated (or manual) email review collection described above.

Then, when you’ve got enough reviews to make an impact, you can upgrade and take full advantage of all the display options!

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