How to turn your reviews into ads

Let’s say you’ve done a great job collecting five-star reviews from your customers. You’re in a good spot, but these reviews are only seen by customers who reach your website.

What about your potential new customers who don’t know about how great your website is? One way to solve this puzzle is by using your five-star reviews as ads. It’s a great way to show off how amazing your business is, all while using organic language from real customers.

Take a look at how Casper, a direct-to-consumer mattress company, does it:

Casper’s ad is effective because it’s simple, funny and most importantly, authentic. The ad is built on a review from a real customer, which gives potential customers an instant connection to the product — instead of ads showing actors who could be like you, this ad is literally taken from the words of someone like you.

But let’s not forget the humor here, either. Sleeping on brioche is an absurd, giggly idea, and calls attention to the ad in a big way. While not every product will get such an eye-popping review, it’s good to be on the look out for comments like this—they’re valuable!

Okay, now it’s your turn:

Step 1: Review your reviews

The first thing you need to do is go through all your past reviews and choose one that you’re going to turn into an ad.

But just any review will not do. It should have certain characteristics, including:

Five Stars: Your customers want to see those five big beautiful shining stars that you’ve earned through all that hard work. After all, there’s no reason to brag about a less than perfect review.

Humor or personality: Like the brioche line, you want something that is sticky — something catchy, or humorous, if it all possible. If it’s not, and it frequently isn’t, then you just want a ringing endorsement of your product.

Personal touch: You’re going to want the review you choose to be personal, and if you can, shows how your product helped the customer. This step is important because advertising research reveals that emotional response to an ad has far greater influence on a consumer’s intent to buy a product.

Based on these, you should go out and find a review of your choice. Once you’ve done that, head over to:

Step 2: Time to edit

Unless your customer is a wordsmith, most reviews will need to be pruned a bit before they can be turned into a successful ad. Here are some things to look out for:

Spelling and Grammar: Some of your customers may not have the best spelling and grammar, so edit the review or else it will reflect poorly on your business! Be sure to condense down the review into the most meaningful bit — the part that will have the greatest impact on your customers.

Shorten: Keep the text from the review simple and short — no one wants to read a book when they’re looking at an ad.

Highlight: Ask yourself, “what’s the best part of the review?” “What will have the greatest impact on customers?” Condense the review down to that text, and that text alone.

If you’ve done that, you now have your perfect review!

Step 3: Time to get creative

Once you’ve selected and edited your review, it’s time to turn it into a good ad. And that means an image.

The text is king: Make sure the text of your review is the main feature of your ad. After all, that’s why you took the time to choose this review in particular. Make sure the words of the review stand out in high contrast to the background.

Choose a clean image: Find an image that will fit well with this review — ideally, it will be a photo of the product your customer bought. If that particular image doesn’t look good on your review, however, it’s better to choose a similar photo that looks good than the exact photo that doesn’t.

Branding: Add your logo/brand name. Minimal branding is best because the star of the ad should be the review, not your company name.

Wrapping up

Reviews are a great way to get ads out there without devoting tons of time and money coming up with slogans and copy. Plus, their authenticity helps them—and your business—stand out in a crowded ad marketplace. Go through your old reviews—we’re sure you’ll find one that would be perfect as an ad!