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Burt’s Bees tested TrustedSite and the results were un-bee-lievable

Burt’s Bees tested TrustedSite and the results were un-bee-lievable

This is the fifth post of Testing Trust, a blog series where website security trustmarks are put to the test in real-world experiments conducted by top marketing agencies. We hope the results of these tests will help ecommerce websites discover new ways to optimize visitor trust.

Since their humble beginnings making beeswax candles in rural Maine, the people at Burt’s Bees have always understood the importance of customer trust. It’s why they use natural ingredients and sustainable methods to create their line of personal care products. They’ve developed such a high-level customer loyalty that one tube of Burt’s Bees lip balm is purchased every second, somewhere in the world.

Wanting to develop customer trust beyond their products and into their website, the team at Burt’s Bees decided to try out trust badges. Initially they found success using McAfee SECURE certification, but decided to become one of the first sites to experiment with expanding to the full suite of TrustedSite trustmarks.

To remove any doubt of bias, the conversion rate optimization experts at Inflow were asked to implement a test on burtsbees.com to see the impact of TrustedSite. During the testing period, all traffic was shown 1 of 4 trustmark variations.

Test Variations

Version 1: No trustmarks were shown.
Version 2: McAfee SECURE trustmarks were shown.
Version 3: TrustedSite trustmarks were shown, including the floating trustmark
Version 4: TrustedSite trustmarks were shown, excluding the floating trustmark

In this blog, we’ll take a look at how TrustedSite was set up on burtsbees.com, and analyze its performance.

Buzzing about trust

To ensure trust was built from the first moment visitors arrive on burtsbees.com, the floating trustmark was added to the lower-left corner of every page (for visitors who saw test version 3). When visitors see signs of trust right off the bat, it signals that they’ve arrived on the official Burt’s Bees site, and not a fraudulent imitation that could potentially steal their personal information.

Note: At the time of the test, the floating trustmark displayed the current date. After continued testing, we’ve found that the date does not significantly influence visitor trust, so we have since removed it from the trustmark’s design.

Protecting the shopping environment

So visitors know their purchase is protected even before they checkout, the Secure Checkout banner trustmark was added to the shopping bag sidebar. The number one fear of online shoppers is that their identity will be compromised, so this trustmark lets visitors know that in case the worst does happen, they are covered by identity protection insurance worth up to $100,000.

Conscious cart security

The Secure Checkout trustmark was added to the shopping cart page to the left of the order total. This informs customers that not only is the checkout secure, but that the security of the checkout has been verified by a third-party. Clicking the trustmark opens a modal that lets visitors know what issues the site has been scanned for, how long it’s been certified by TrustedSite, and other security verification information.

Responsible checkout

The checkout page is typically the step where visitors have heightened security concerns because they now have to enter their most sensitive information–credit card details. To help combat these fears, two trustmarks were added to this page.

First, the Secure Checkout trustmark was added directly to the right of the credit card type field. Adding the trustmark in this location ensures that customers can’t overlook the cart protections Burt’s Bees has put in place. Second, the Secure Checkout banner was added underneath the order total, reminding visitors again that their purchase is covered by identity protection insurance, and giving them the confidence to click the submit order button.

The Results

  • Revenue Increase


    All Devices
  • Conversion Rate


    All Devices
  • Average Order Value


    All Devices

The test variation that included the full TrustedSite system of trustmarks was the clear winner, generating a 4.6% lift in conversions over the variation with no trustmarks, and a significantly higher lift over the variation using only the McAfee SECURE trustmark.

The variation with no floating trustmark had a conversion rate that was 1.3% less than the variation with the floating trustmark, proving that its presence on every page throughout the site has a valuable influence on visitor trust.

Now that Burt’s Bees has TrustedSite certification, not only do their products give customers peace of mind, but their site does too.

See the trustmarks live at Burt’sBees.com, and check out results from similar A/B tests in previous posts from our Testing Trust series.

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Burt’s Bees tested TrustedSite and the results were un-bee-lievable
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