What is social proof and what can it do for your business?

It’s tough out there for any new businesses, but especially online businesses. If you’re in the brick and mortar space, you can open up and expect pedestrians to walk by, come into your store, check out your wares, and talk to you. If they like what they see, they’ll become your customers. It’s not so […]

4 Identity Theft Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Here’s a not so fun fact: in 2016, identity theft hit an all time high in the United States. Over 15 million Americans were affected—that’s a bigger number than the population of all but four states. Losses from this topped $16 billion, according to USA Today. As a business owner, you may be wondering how […]

The Valentine’s Day shopping trends you need to know

Last year, Americans spent $19.7 billion on Valentine’s Day, beating the previous record by an impressive $800 million! If trends continue, 2017 should see Valentine’s Day become a $20 billion holiday for the very first time. Point is, Valentine’s Day is a lot bigger than you might have thought. It’s not just a box of […]

What Google’s new SSL changes mean for your website

In case you haven’t noticed, Google Chrome, one of the most commonly used web browsers out there, has recently changed the way it displays website SSL certificates. For a long time, if a page on a website had a valid SSL certificate, it would display something along the lines of this: (Source) That all changed […]

How to reassure your visitors after the Yahoo breach

Last week, Yahoo disclosed that 1 billion accounts were compromised in 2013. Not only is this the largest breach ever disclosed (doubling the previous record for accounts hacked, also held by Yahoo), it’s larger than the next nine non-Yahoo breaches combined. This news is disturbing not just because of its size, but what was stolen. […]

How to make returns easy this holiday shopping season

The holiday shopping season has officially ended, which means returns season is here. Maybe you’re asking, why should I care about making returns easy? Because your customers care. In fact, returns are a massive deal for customers. Consider the following facts, courtesy of Endicia. Return confusion is the #1 reason that some people refuse to […]

4 free ways to do corporate security (even if you’re one of the small guys)

In the old days, corporate security could be summed up in a few steps: you bought insurance, maybe a security camera, and locked up the valuable when you went home for the evening. Now that business has gone digital, that doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Unfortunately, corporate security isn’t something people like to spend time […]

Your last minute Cyber Monday checklist

If you’re in the ecommerce game, you probably don’t need anyone reminding you just how important Cyber Monday is. But in case you do, here are a few reasons you should really, really try and maximize your sales. It’s the largest ecommerce shopping day of the year—and by a pretty significant margin. In 2013, there […]

What your customers are really afraid of this Halloween

If there’s one thing business owners want to know, it’s what’s on their customers’ minds. What they want, what they don’t want, why they do and don’t want these things. Makes sense, right? If you know what people are thinking, you can better service their needs and wants. And, since it’s Halloween, we decided that […]

8 Ways to Maximize Your Holiday Ecommerce Sales

The last 61 days of the year account for over 20% of all ecommerce sales, which means your business needs to do everything it can to take advantage of that super valuable time. In this post, we’ll show you 8 tricks to do just that.

How to build a loyalty program for your business

Trust and loyalty are two of the biggest factors in capturing and maintaining customers—and that’s because trust and loyalty go hand in hand. In this post, we show you how to give your customers the confidence they need to engage with your site, and develop the loyalty that keeps them coming back for more.

5 facts you need to know about back-to-school shopping

Back-to-school shopping is an enormous, $75 billion a year event that nearly all retailers can take advantage of. In this post, we show exactly you what you need to know to capture your slice of that big, big pie.

SEO Basics For Your Online Business

SEO has a reputation for being confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. In this post, we’re delighted to have Weebly share their expertise on the most pressing question for online retailers: how do I get Google to notice my site and boost my ranking?

6 facts about Father’s Day that ecommerce stores need to know

In this post, we explain the six facts that will help you take advantage of the nearly $13 billion holiday that is Father’s Day. From when people make their Father’s Day purchases to what they’re most likely to buy, this post will help you have the best Father’s Day sales ever.