McAfee SECURE certification. Free for Shopify users.

The McAfee SECURE certification is now TrustedSite Certification. TrustedSite Certification includes an extended portfolio of earned certifications and trustmarks that help alleviate even more concerns of online shoppers. Explore the new features here.

Starting today, we’re rolling out a free version of the McAfee SECURE certification specifically for Shopify users. Just like McAfee SECURE Certification Pro, our free service is built to increase online sales by marketing your website as safe.

Users can do this by displaying the trustmark, a security seal that gives visitors the confidence they need to buy from your Shopify site. In the free version, up to 500 visitors a month will be able to see the trustmark, and know that your site is safe to do business with.

Plus, sites that use the McAfee SECURE service will be listed in our SECURE Web directory. It’s a listing of McAfee SECURE certified sites that millions of people use to find secure, trustworthy companies.

The best part about this? The McAfee SECURE certification is available in the Shopify app store which means that you can add it to your Shopify site with the click of a button – no code needed.

If your Shopify site gets more than 500 visits a month, or if web search is an important traffic source for you, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to the McAfee SECURE Certification Pro.

What do I get with a Pro plan?

Being a Pro user comes with many benefits, the most important of which is displaying the trustmark to an unlimited number of visitors.

Pro users also customize the size and location of the McAfee SECURE trustmark to best fit your web design, and can use our new engagement trustmark.

Better still, Pro Shopify sites will be highlighted as McAfee SECURE certified sites in the search results of millions of our SiteAdvisor® users – a software used by over 35 million people to discover websites that are safe to use.

To get the free version of the McAfee SECURE service, head over to the Shopify App store and get started today. If you want to upgrade to Pro, set up a free account and follow the steps listed in your account. It’s as easy as that!