Discontinuing TrustedSite Insights

We regret to inform you that we’ve made the difficult decision to sunset TrustedSite Insights on April 15, 2019. We’re thankful that we’ve had the opportunity to create this product for you and appreciate your support over the years. Starting next week, our Chrome extension will no longer annotate sites in search results and the […]

Guiding Design Principles of a High-Converting Website

Look around the web and you’ll find some common traits of the websites that convert best. Not only do they draw in visitors with catchy headlines but they also showcase design and deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. How can you do that for your own site? Try adopting […]

The holidays are over and the reviews are pouring in. Here is what to do.

The holidays are over and you just about survived the mad rush of packing, shipping, and finalizing orders. If you’ve set up an automatic reviews email, the reviews should be coming in very soon, if they haven’t started already. So now what? Here are the next steps to take to make your happy customers happier, […]

How to turn your reviews into ads

Let’s say you’ve done a great job collecting five-star reviews from your customers. You’re in a good spot, but these reviews are only seen by customers who reach your website. What about your potential new customers who don’t know about how great your website is? One way to solve this puzzle is by using your […]

Here are 5 sales lessons from the biggest online retailers

The biggest online retailers have spent millions of dollars and many years fine-tuning their sales strategies. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some kind of insight into their techniques? We’ve put together a list of the top tools, lessons, strategies and tips from the most successful ecommerce players in the game. Read on to learn […]

How To Choose A Website Review Platform

If you have an online business, you’ve probably thought about using a website review platform. After all, reviews are widely trusted—88% of people say they trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. What’s more, they’re widely used. Almost 7 in 10 people read more than four reviews before forming an opinion about a business. And […]

How to turn customer reviews into your most powerful marketing tool

By now, you know all about social proof — especially customer reviews — and why it’s important. But even if you know that your customer’s voice is the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal, how do you use it successfully? One of the best ways is to turn reviews into sales-driving social content.   Social […]

What Google’s Symantec SSL smackdown means for your business

For the past few months, Google has been engaged in a highly public battle with Symantec, which not only operates the Symantec SSL, but is also one of the largest providers of SSL certificates in the world. Google says that Symantec, whose root certificate also powers popular SSL brands such as Norton, Thawte, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, […]

How to pull off a successful sale (that actually sells!)

There are many reasons you might want to have a sale. Maybe you have some excess inventory you need to move. Maybe you want to promote a new product. Or maybe you’re just trying to build out your customer base. Either way, you need to do it right, otherwise you’re just cutting into your margins. […]

The 6 Golden Email Rules You Need to Know

The average office worker sends and receives a staggering 122 emails a day. Considering the amount of time we spend doing email, what do you really, empirically know about it? Probably not that much. It’s just something you do, right? But since 269 billion with a “B” emails are sent every day, according to the […]

What exactly are verified reviews and why do they matter?

We all know how much it takes to build your business’ reputation. The time you spent curating only the best products. The hours you spent putting your site together. So of course you want to make sure your customers are getting the real story about how great your store is. In order to do that, […]

How to get your first 10 website reviews

When you’re collecting website reviews, 10 is the magic number. Why? Because once you have 10 reviews, 85% of your visitors will trust your business, according to research by BrightLocal. (Source) 85% is your Goldilocks zone. Just right. If you dip below 7 reviews, only 65% of customers say they’ll trust you. If you make […]

The 3 Types of Reviews and How to Deal with Them

If you’re collecting reviews, there’s simply no way to get around the fact that you’re going to get some bad ones. You’re also going to get plenty of good ones. Smart merchants know that both positive and negative reviews are opportunities for your business. That’s why in this post, we’re going to show you what […]

There’s been a global collapse in trust. Here’s what you can do about it.

In January of 2017, marketing firm Edelman published the results of their global trust survey.  They’ve been conducting this survey for almost two decades, and so have tons of fantastic data to work with. They found some fairly disturbing news: Trust in four key institutions — the government, business, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the media […]

Announcing Big Changes to TrustedSite Reviews!

Hey there! We’ve made some exciting additions to TrustedSite Reviews that are all about making it easy and affordable to build trust and sell more online. These new features will help you collect, moderate, and share reviews through a trusted third party — that’s us! — to deliver authentic feedback for new and returning visitors. […]

3 checkout page tips to boost your sales

Once your customer is on your checkout page, you’re in the clear, right? After all, they’ve already made the decision to buy from your site, made the decision on the product, and made the decision to click “go to shopping cart”. They’ve already made so many decisions in your favor, nothing could possibly derail this […]

4 things you need to know about Google search rankings in 2017

You already know why you need to care about Google search results. But do you know how much you need to care about Google search results? In case you don’t know, the stats are quite eye-popping. For one, they absolutely dominate US search market share: Google is used for 79.88% of desktop search results in […]

Social Proof Smackdown: Testimonials vs. Reviews vs. Social Media

As we’ve spent some time explaining, social proof is invaluable for online merchants, especially new ones. (If you don’t know what social proof is and don’t want to/are too lazy to go back and read the previous post, here’s a summary: for online businesses, social proof is using your previous customers’ experiences to convert new […]