Here is how you build a trustworthy ecommerce site, part two

Here is how you build a trustworthy ecommerce site, part two

In the last post, we outlined some general principles that should guide your ecommerce site’s layout and design. Here we’ll show you some examples of people who are doing it right.

Without further ado, follow these pointers to get more people to trust your site.

Add an “About” page that tells your company’s story, as well as a contact page that lists an address.

Be sure to include pictures (or better still, video) of your office and employees to give visitors a real sense of the people behind the website. All of this will help connect the dots, and help people understand that there’s a trustworthy company running the site.

Cafe Press's about us page
We’re huge fans of Cafe Press’s About Us page, because it includes videos with interviews of employees and their unique business challenges.

Display any awards for customer service or corporate successes.

In the same way that you’re more likely to trust someone if they come recommended by a friend, your company’s awards act like endorsements by a known third party.

B&H's awards page
B&H Photo created a great awards page that includes reviews, awards, and certifications.

If your company has been around for awhile, show off the number of years it’s been in business.

People like knowing your company has been around, and are more likely to trust that you know what you’re doing. Don’t worry though—if you’re a new company, there are other ways to show you’re not just the new kid in town.'s homepage did a good job incorporating their year established into their logo, as well as on every page of the site.

People like hearing that others had a good experience with your company.

Just like awards and certifications, customer reviews and testimonials are extremely valuable. Displaying quotes from satisfied customers can go a long way in building trust in your website and your brand. (For bonus points, add pictures of customers to help connect the words to a face!)

Cafe press testimonial
CafePress does this on their homepage.

Include any positive news coverage about your brand

Being covered by news outlets conveys legitimacy and buzz to your business, and makes people feel like you’ve been vetted by professionals.

Girl Scout's homepage
The Girl Scouts show off their positive press right on their homepage.

Remember to have a social media presence

Show how many followers you have on Twitter and Facebook, or just link your accounts so people can see for themselves. Even if you don’t have many, a presence on Twitter and Facebook will give people a better sense of your brand.

Footlocker's header facebook fan count
Footlocker displays their Facebook fan count within their website header.

Those are some excellent ways to answer the visitor question, “Should I trust this site?” In the next post, we’ll show you how to answer, “Should I buy from this site?”