Big news: The new PCI compliance is now simpler, better, and easier

We’ll get straight to the point: we’ve made an important change to our PCI Compliance service, and we think you’ll love it.

So what’s the change?

PCI Compliance is now integrated in your McAfee SECURE account

That means your PCI dashboard will be seamlessly combined with the same account that you already use for your McAfee SECURE service.

This makes attaining compliance simpler and easier than ever before, and helps keep all your most important security products in the same place.

If you accept credit card payments, here are some reasons you should use McAfee SECURE PCI compliance.

You’re halfway there already

If you’re already a Vulnerability Scanning customer and you already use us to keep your perimeter secure — well guess what?** That same great scanning service can now help you attain PCI compliance.**

It’s integrated in the portal you’re already using

The portal—the place where you’re already going to check on your security—is also the place you’d go to see if your security meets PCI security standards. By using McAfee SECURE PCI Compliance, all of your scanning solutions would be in one place that you know how to use already.
Sounds simple, right? We thought so too.

It supports dynamic IP addresses

Many PCI scans don’t support dynamic IP addresses, which is not okay. Some of the biggest web hosts out there (like, oh I don’t know, AWS), provide dynamic IP addresses, so for a lot of people, finding a PCI scan that will support them is a challenge.
Fortunately for them—and you—we do support dynamic IP addresses!

You can generate separate reports for all your business units

Many companies have separate business units—and sometimes, different credit card processors for those business units. And while business units can share many scanning targets, there are often differences.
That’s why our tagging system allows you to easily scan and create different PCI reports for all of your business units.

TrustedSite is now an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV)

This means that the operators of the McAfee SECURE service are now handling the entire external PCI scanning process — from scanning to remediation to report generation.

The same folks handling your vulnerability scanning and security certification will be handling you PCI scans, reducing the number of people to deal with, and streamlining all of your security to one place.


Accepting payment cards—and therefore attaining PCI compliance — is a vital part of nearly all online businesses. It can be a little bit of a process, especially if you have multiple business units, or have a dynamic IP address. The good news is that, if you’re a scanning customer, you already have most of the architecture in place to make the process simple and easy.

Get started today!

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