Protect your business with Breach Insurance for McAfee SECURE certified sites

The McAfee SECURE certification is now TrustedSite Certification. TrustedSite Certification includes an extended portfolio of earned certifications and trustmarks that help alleviate even more concerns of online shoppers. Explore the new features here.

It’s an unfortunate fact: security breaches are getting increasingly common. Just last month, an enormous attack compromised tens of thousands of computers around the world, including those of many businesses. In a separate attack last year, a hospital in Los Angeles paid $17,000 to hackers who’d encrypted all their company files.

And it’s normal businesses — not Fortune 500 companies or individuals — that are now the most popular target: according to the SEC, 60% of all online attacks focused on small or medium-sized businesses.

Think the $17,000 the L.A. hospital paid was steep? It’s actually cheap, considering that the average cost of a breach for a small business is $36,000!

Most concerning is the impact breaches can cause: 60% of small business close within 6 months of attack.

In other words, if you get breached, the cost is often too high to carry on doing business.

That’s why we now offer breach insurance

When we saw these numbers, we decided that breaches shouldn’t cost you your business.

And we set about doing something about it.

That something is Breach Insurance, designed exclusively for McAfee SECURE certified sites.

It helps merchants offset the costs associated with a suspected or actual breach — giving you peace of mind that a breach won’t ruin your business, and making it much easier for you to get back on track if a breach does occur.

So what are the details?

Let’s break it down

All level-2, 3 and 4 PCI merchants are eligible.

It covers you against both physical and digital breaches — so whether you’re hacked by distant cybercriminals or a rogue employee, you’re covered.

You get $100,000 in coverage that can be used toward a variety of costs, including:

  • Credit card replacement costs and related expenses
  • Paying fines levied by card sponsors for data breaches
  • Notifying customers of a breach
  • Mandatory forensic exams required by the PCI DSS when a data breach is suspected
  • Upgrading your hardware and software (in lieu of fines)

For all this, you pay just $49 per year.

Ready to take the plunge?

Head over to our site to sign up, or learn more about why it’s so important to protect your business.