Here's a couple more reasons you should love the new trustmark

The McAfee SECURE certification is now TrustedSite Certification. TrustedSite Certification includes an extended portfolio of earned certifications and trustmarks that help alleviate even more concerns of online shoppers. Explore the new features here.

Back in June, we rolled out a brand new version of the trustmark that is so crucial to building long lasting and fruitful relationships with new customers. Website owners and customers alike have praised the new modal window for keeping customers on site even as they verify the site's security.

Now that it's been out in the wild for a few months, we figured it's time to remind everyone of two more reasons why the new trustmark is so great.

A friendly notice: if you're not using the javascript engagement trustmark, or the new SVG trustmark (more on what that means very shortly), you're missing out on these great features!

1. The new trustmark is a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG).

(A what?)

It's a bit technical, but basically an SVG is a type of image that displays in shapes rather than in pixels. Because shapes, unlike pixels, can expand without becoming distorted, it is much easier to make SVG files scale than a typical image file like a .png.

Here's an example of what happens when the two different image types scale up:

Plus, the SVG trustmark is always 4.6kb, which is a lot smaller than a typical image file. Smaller files mean the trustmark loads more quickly (and always from our own CDN, so it never interferes with your site).

Lastly, SVGs are responsive, unlike static image files. That means no matter what type of display type your customers are looking at, your site will always display a perfectly visible trustmark.

2. The modal keeps visitors on your site

You work so hard to get visitors to your site and interested in your products, so why should you send them to a different URL when they want to verify your site's security certification?

We thought it didn't make sense either, so that's why, unlike some of our competitors, we're letting people verify your site's security certification on a modal window directly on your site.

It's a small change, but it can have a big impact. In fact, one of our recent customers who uses the new trustmark saw their sales increase by 55%! (You can read about that here.)

To let visitors verify with the modal, you need to use the engagement trustmark with 1.js — check out our implementation guide here for help on how to do that!

Do I need to update?

If you use the engagement trustmark javascript, or you added your code in the last two months, then you're already using the improved version!

If you're using an HTML version of the trustmark that ends includes a .png or .gif resource, then log into your account and grab the js code or the HTML code that now uses .svg, and make your site look better everywhere.

Need help doing this? If you have questions, feel free to take a look at this FAQ, or contact us on our support page.