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Say hello to the Trust Survey

Say hello to the Trust Survey

Over the past few months, we've been working on a very exciting new update for all McAfee SECURE service users.

Today, we're proud to formally introduce the beta version of Trust Survey, from TrustedSite. It's a feature built on a simple premise: the more you, the business owner, get feedback about what your customers are thinking, the better you'll be able to make adjustments and decisions that build trust and improve your bottom line.

Specifically, we'll be asking your verification page visitors how they feel about the trustworthiness of your site, and showing you—and only you—those results.

If you want to see it in action, click the trustmark at the bottom left corner of this screen. On the bottom of the verification modal, you'll see a black bar asking you about the trustworthiness of the site (hopefully, you find our blog trustworthy!).

A benchmark against other sites

One of the reasons we're super excited about this feature is that it will not only show you feedback from your customers, but will also provide you with a benchmark of your performance compared to other McAfee SECURE certified sites.

The McAfee SECURE service has long been built on the principle that the more trusted a site, the more successful it will be. When customers tell you exactly how much they trust your site, you can make strides towards building more trust, and expect conversions to follow.

Just the beginning

We hope you find the survey results and benchmarking valuable. As we mentioned, this is only the beta version, and we'll be continually updating it with new features.

If you have questions, please read our Help Center article about the Trust Survey. And for now, we encourage you to check out your survey results and see where you stack up.

Say hello to the Trust Survey
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