Get discovered in Google with Search Submission from TrustedSite

We're excited to announce that our Search Submission tool, which automatically creates and submits a sitemap to the major search engines, is now available for all users! Previously reserved as an exclusive benefit for users of the McAfee SECURE Pro service, it is now available to help the performance of all sites in search results.

What is Search Submission?

Generating traffic is one of the most difficult things an ecommerce store needs to do. Despite the explosion of social media, search is still the largest traffic source for online businesses, with 43% of visits coming from organic search results.

But your latest content, such as your newest product pages, doesn't just magically appear in Google search results as soon as you publish it. Before that can happen, a web crawler has to find your site, discover the new pages, and index them. That can take days, or even weeks—and until then, your content won't be searchable.

Search Submission automatically creates and submits a sitemap to the major search engines. That way, their web crawlers know where to look, making your latest content searchable, faster.

How does it work?

Every week, we scan your site for new content, just the way that a Google web crawler would. If we find anything, we'll update your sitemap and submit it to the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

From your TrustedSite dashboard, you can also manually create a new sitemap whenever you add new content to your site, ensuring that your content is submitted as soon as it's ready.

Get started today

Your content needs to be available—sales depend on it. The Search Submission tool nudges the search engines you depend on to find and index your site as quickly as possible. Get started today to see the impact!