Say hello to Diagnostics, and goodbye to 404 errors

We're thrilled to announce that our Diagnostics tool is now available for all users. Previously reserved exclusively for Pro users of the McAfee SECURE service, we're now rolling it out as a standalone product that can help all businesses build trust by eliminating simple errors on their sites.

What is TrustedSite Diagnostics?

Running a website, especially one where your product photos and links are constantly getting updated, is hectic work. That's why it's common to have small errors—like 404 pages, broken links, missing images, and more—pop up on your site.

Unfortunately, these little errors can send the wrong message to customers, and ultimately damage your bottom line. Clicking on a link that doesn't work can result in a lost sale. A product photo not loading can cause customers to doubt your professionalism. Even having a page that loads slowly can give people the impression that your site is unsafe.

TrustedSite Diagnostics scans your site for these errors, and tells you where and what they are. That way, you can resolve them before they hurt your business.

How does it work?

The weekly scan looks for five categories of errors: broken links, missing images, 404 errors, slow-loading pages, server errors (500 errors), and missing trustmarks. If you have any of these errors, you'll receive an email letting you know.

From your TrustedSite dashboard, you'll be able to see which errors are on which pages of your site. From there on, you can remediate the issues, run the scan again, and your dashboard will show them as complete.

Get started today

Little errors can have a big impact. The TrustedSite Diagnostics tool ensures that the only thing your visitors focus on is your product. Sign up today and see the impact!