Introducing trust beyond security with TrustedSite certification

Recently, we've started rolling out TrustedSite certification, a system of trustmarks tailored to each stage of the buyer's journey, and a new standard for establishing a site is trustworthy. We've tested this new system of trustmarks on several websites and have seen some very exciting and positive results that we're excited to share. But first, let's start with the basics.

What is it?

The TrustedSite certification is a new type of trustmark system designed to make sure your visitors trust you at every stage of the sales funnel.

It focuses on building trust in four areas that are critical to increasing conversions. The areas are site security, business integrity, transaction security, and the overall ecommerce ordering experience.

Let's explore those in greater depth.

Site security

Obviously, a customer won't do business with a site that they feel is unsafe. That's why we test your site for viruses, malware, phishing attempts, and more.

After you pass that scan, you can display the trustmarks to reassure customers that they're in the right place, and your site hasn't been hijacked by bad actors—all building more trust.


Business integrity

Even if your site is secure, customers need to know that your business is trustworthy. They want to be sure they'll receive the product they ordered, on time and as described. If they do have an issue, they also want to know they can reach you.

To reassure them of these concerns, we display contact information that we've independently verified—proving that you are who you say you are.


Transaction security

When people buy from your site, they need to know that their information is secure. They don't want their identity or credit card information stolen.

That's why we've designed trustmarks to reassure your visitors that specific transactions are secure. For example, you can place the Secure Checkout trustmark near credit card input fields, or place the Secure Form trustmark near any form where you request sensitive information.


And finally, you can offer customers 90 days of identity protection coverage at no cost, good for up to $100,000 if their identity is stolen after they make a purchase (available to consumers in the US and Canada). This helps reassure potential buyers that they're covered even if the worst happens.


Ecommerce ordering experience

Lastly, people are more likely to buy if they've seen that previous shoppers have had good experiences with your company. They want to make sure they'll receive their order, it will arrive on time, and the product is as described.

That's why we include issue-free orders. You can show visitors the percent of orders you've fulfilled without a hitch. We'll only display your issue-free order rate if it's greater than 95%, letting shoppers know that your customers are having positive experiences.

We know mistakes happen, and if there's ever an issue, we'll share that feedback with you privately so you can resolve it.


Early Results

We've learned a lot over the years about the impact trust can have on conversion rates. As we designed this new trustmark system, we wanted to make sure that it had a measurable, positive impact on sales.

To accomplish this, we partnered with independent conversion rate optimization companies to test the product on several ecommerce sites.

Take a look at the results here.

How do I get started?

If you'd like to see how exactly these new trustmarks work, visit our demo site and test the trustmarks out for yourself.

Current McAfee SECURE sites can easily switch over to the new trustmark system directly from your dashboard.

First time customers can get started here.

Not ready to fully commit? Try out the free version of TrustedSite certification. Our free plan includes displaying the floating trustmark for up to 500 visits per month. The trustmark will disappear after the limit is reached and will reset at the beginning of each month.