Collect more emails on your site with TrustedSite’s new Spam-Free certification

Collect more emails on your site with TrustedSite’s new Spam-Free certification

You know that email marketing is a valuable way to get your products in front of visitors who don’t make a purchase on their initial visit, with a potential ROI of $44 for every $1 you spend. So you aim to capture as many email addresses as possible by adding forms throughout your site that encourage visitors to exchange their email for an incentive like a 10% discount or free shipping.

Unfortunately, consumers are hesitant to give out their email, especially on unfamiliar sites. We surveyed 600 US-based consumers and found that when offered a discount for sharing their email address 58% of consumers are concerned about getting spam and 38% worry about their contact information getting stolen.

A range of underlying fears can cause consumers to be worried about giving out their email. Consumers could fear their email will be sold to a third-party without their permission, or worse, stolen by scammers that could infect their devices with malware and steal their personal and financial information. On the lower end of the risk spectrum, consumers could simply be worried about getting too many emails, or not enough of the content they want.

These concerns can cause you to lose more than just visitor email addresses, it can cost you sales as well. Nearly a quarter of consumers said they have abandoned a purchase because they were worried about receiving email spam.

To help ease consumer concerns and give them more transparency about what will happen after giving out their email, we created Inbox Preview, a free Google Chrome extension. By signing up for and monitoring email lists, Inbox Preview can track the types and quantity of emails sent by sites.

Before inputting their email, visitors can look for the green checkmark on the extension that indicates if it’s safe to share their email. They can also click the extension to see the risk score we’ve given the site, along with an overview of recently sent content so they get a peek at what’s headed to their inbox.

Show visitors their inbox is safe with the new Spam-Free certification

But Inbox Preview doesn’t just help consumers, it can now help sites too! Sites can leverage their low-risk status from Inbox Preview to earn our new Spam-Free certification and capture more emails by showing visitors their email is safe.


If your site is using the TrustedSite Pro service you can now earn the Spam-Free certification by activating email monitoring from your account portal. Once you’ve earned the certification, you can begin displaying the Spam-Free trustmark wherever you ask visitors to share their email addresses.

With this additional trust indicator, visitors can be reassured when giving you their email and making purchases from your site.

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