How 10 top retailers build customer trust with TrustedSite

How 10 top retailers build customer trust with TrustedSite

TrustedSite trustmarks are displayed on all types of ecommerce sites, from small shops just starting out, to some of the biggest retailers in the industry. No matter how strong a company's brand recognition is, trust signals like TrustedSite's suite of trustmarks help to alleviate all types of concerns that online shoppers have, like the security of personal and payment information, business scams, and identity theft.

Check out how 10 top retailers display TrustedSite trustmarks on their sites to increase customer confidence and boost sales.


One of Experian's main goals is to empower consumers to manage their data with confidence. This won't happen if customers don't feel secure on their site, especially after other competitors in the space have suffered high-profile data breaches. Experian displays the TrustedSite Certified Secure trustmark in the footer of their login page to reassure customers their data is protected.


Even a company as legendary and iconic as Vans benefits from fostering trust with customers online. To help shoppers feel more secure before completing a purchase, Vans includes TrustedSite's Certified Secure trustmark on the shopping cart and checkout pages.

Party City

The most common concern of online shoppers is the security of payment information. Party City helps customers feel more at ease when inputting their credit card details by displaying the TrustedSite banner trustmark, which can display multiple certifications a site has earned. In this placement, the banner shows that the site has a secure checkout and has earned the Verified Business certification from TrustedSite.

Dollar Tree

To help customers feel comfortable throughout the entire shopping journey, the Dollar Tree displays the TrustedSite floating trustmark in the bottom right corner. This trustmark appears on every page of the site, even when it's viewed on a mobile device.

Tractor Supply Co

Showing that your business is trustworthy is especially important when you sell big-ticket items, like this $500 kayak sold by Tractor Supply Co. They included the TrustedSite Certified Secure trustmark at each step of the checkout process underneath the order summary so that customers would be reassured when sharing their personal information.

Puritan's Pride

Trust is also particularly important when you sell health and wellness products because consumers don't want to purchase low-quality or potentially harmful items. Puritian's Pride works to build trust with shoppers throughout the customer journey by displaying TrustedSite trustmarks in multiple places, including the Certified Secure trustmark in the footer, the banner trustmark in the shopping cart, and the Secure Checkout trustmark on the checkout page.  


Adorama is another site that sells big-ticket items, so trust also plays a big role in their customer journey. In addition to other trust signals like the BBB dynamic seal logo, Adorama displays the Certified Secure trustmark in the checkout and on the account sign in page.


In numerous A/B tests, we've found that trust is crucial for sites that sell any type of adult product. Spencer's displays the Certified Secure trustmark in the shopping cart and the site footer to increase customer confidence in their site.

Harris Teeter

Online grocery shopping is a relatively new phenomenon, with many customers trying it for the first time during the coronavirus pandemic. To help reassure shoppers through this experience, Harris Teeter displays TrustedSite trustmarks throughout the customer journey. The Certified Secure trustmark is placed in the footer, the banner trustmark in the shopping cart, the Secure Login trustmark on the login and register page, and the Secure Checkout trustmark next to the credit card field on the checkout page.

RC Willey

Home improvement was one of the ecommerce categories that saw explosive growth during the pandemic since so many people stuck at home found more time to remodel or redecorate. To build trust with new visitor traffic, RC Willey displays the Certified Secure trustmark in the site footer throughout the customer journey, including in the checkout.

Wrapping up

Trust in a brand doesn't always equal trust in a website. Website trust signals like TrustedSite trustmarks can help even the most reputable businesses increase customer confidence. We hope these examples have inspired you to try new ways to increase trust and boost conversions on your site .

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