What’s new with TrustedSite Security | August 2021 Release Notes

In August, we updated TrustedSite Security pricing to make our services more straightforward and flexible.

Provision your targets with greater flexibility

To simplify our offerings, we've made some updates to plans and pricing. With our new per target pricing model, we’re removing provisioning limitations that previously came with structured bundles.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the new pricing model:

  • Target licenses (Firewall and Website Monitoring): $360 per target per year
  • Server Scanning: $120 per target per year
  • Application Scanning: $720 per target per year
  • PCI Compliance: $1200 per year (requires Server Scanning for any targets in scope)

If you’re an existing customer, your access to our features and solutions is unchanged, and you don’t need to take any actions. In some cases, you'll now have additional features at your disposal for no extra cost.

If you're currently using TrustedSite Security for Server Scanning & Application Scanning, you continue to have access to all vulnerability scanning results and settings.

If you're currently using PCI compliance services, you can now apply PCI scope to any targets in your account that have Server Scanning enabled for no additional cost.

For those not yet using our PCI services, you can now purchase Compliance Reporting at $1,200 per year and apply it to any targets with Server Scanning enabled across your entire account.

For customers already using our monitoring solutions, we've combined the feature sets to make it simpler to manage your account. If you had either Firewall Monitoring or Website Monitoring provisioned to a target, your license now includes both Website & Firewall Monitoring.

Adding monitoring to additional targets now costs $360 per target and includes all of our attack surface management features. If you’re interested in upgrading, click here to book a demo.

Questions about pricing updates? Want to suggest a new feature? Reach out to your account rep to let them know!

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