What’s new with TrustedSite Security | October 2021 Release Notes

In October, we made it easier to track changes across your attack surface with TrustedSite Security.

Track changes across your attack surface with events

You can’t hope to keep your attack surface secure without a way to monitor for unexpected changes. That’s why we created events, a new feature that allows you to see when things happen.

Events include things like:

  • A new script detected on a website
  • A new port opened or closed
  • A new vulnerability was found
  • A scan started or completed
  • And a lot more.

In the new Events section, you can see a summary of the events we've detected and drill down into specific details like the timeframe, target, the type of event, and more.

Events are a powerful way to audit changes and integrate data from TrustedSite with your systems via webhooks.

Get alerted about the events that matter to you

Alerts are now based on events in order to give you more control over what notifications you receive and when you receive them. You can fully customize which events should trigger an alert, helping you avoid alert fatigue by receiving only the alerts that really matter to you. And because alerts are set on the user level, everyone on your team can choose which alerts they want to receive on an individual basis.

Your account will start with our defaults alerts, but these can always be adjusted to your needs, and our team is happy to help you configure them. Regardless of which events you choose to receive alerts for, you can always view a complete list of your events in your dashboard.

Questions about this update? Want to suggest a new feature? Reach out to your account rep to let them know!

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