What’s new with TrustedSite Security | April 2022 Release Notes

In April, we made several improvements to help you reproduce discovered issues and manage events.

Easily reproduce discovered issues

For many common issues that are discovered during the scans of your targets, we've added code snippets that can be run from the Command Line to reproduce and confirm the issue for each instance found.

For certain web-based issues, we've also added scripts to help you easily find and reproduce the issues. For instance, when we discover a link using non-HTTPS connection, the issue detail page now includes a JavaScript snippet that can be used in Chrome Dev Tools to find and confirm the issue.

Improved event and alert controls

We've made several improvements to make managing event alerts more streamlined.

  • We've added a new Workflow Change event that triggers when the status assignee for an Issue workflow is modified.
  • We added the ability to create alert rules for any events and have them sent to all users on your account.
  • We've made it easier to bulk delete events.

Additional improvements this month include:

  • We've added a new Billing only role for users who simply need to manage payments without access to security or certification details.
  • When looking at a scan details page, we now show the scanner's source for each component for easier auditing of scan traffic.

Questions about this update? Want to suggest a new feature? Reach out to your account rep to let them know!

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