Alleviating visitor concerns with TrustedSite gave DR-HO’S a huge conversion boost

Alleviating visitor concerns with TrustedSite gave DR-HO’S a huge conversion boost

This post is part of our Testing Trust series where website security trustmarks are put to the test in real-world experiments conducted by top marketing agencies. We hope the results of these tests will help ecommerce websites discover new ways to optimize visitor trust.

Canadian chiropractor Dr. Michael Ho has been helping patients manage chronic pain for over 30 years. Wanting to provide pain relief to those beyond his local area, he developed DR.HO’S line of health and wellness products and began selling to people around the world through his website.

Without the advantage of being able to work with patients in a clinical setting, Dr. Ho realized he would have to develop ways to build trust in his products and expertise. Along with highly detailed product descriptions and instructional videos, Dr. Ho decided to try adding TrustedSite’s system of trustmarks to his site.

Let’s take a look at how the trustmarks were implemented on

Signaling security from the start

So that visitors would start to trust DR-HO’s site right from the very first page they arrived on, the floating trustmark was added to each page of the site in the bottom left corner. Establishing trustworthiness from the start helps to alleviate any concerns visitors may have about malware or phishing. Clicking the trustmark opens the verification modal which shows all the certifications the site has earned–including Certified Secure and Verified Business.

Protecting data in the cart

The number one fear of online shoppers is having their personal and financial information stolen. That’s why the Shopper Identity Protection trustmark was added to the shopping cart page on DR-HO’S site–so visitors would know their purchase is backed with $100k identity protection insurance in the case of identity theft. With this protection, visitors are encouraged to proceed to checkout.

Alleviating checkout concerns

There are so many reasons visitors abandon carts during checkout, but with TrustedSite concern about credit card security is not one of them. Two trustmarks were added to DR-HO’S checkout page to alleviate this common concern.

The engagement trustmark was added above the credit card information fields to signal security as visitors begin to input this information. Then before submitting the order, they see the Secure Checkout banner one more time underneath the place order button. Reassured that their purchase is secure, visitors can confidently complete their orders.

The Results

  • Conversion Rate


    All Devices
  • Transactions


    All Devices
  • Average Order Value


    All Devices

One month after implementing TrustedSite, the DR-HO’S team compared the results to the previous month and the change was astounding. The site’s conversion rate increased 67%, the business saw 41% more transactions and the average order values rose 3.6%.

The DR-HO’S team was very pleased with the performance of TrustedSite and plans to continue using them to build trust on their site.

“We serve the baby boomer audience online and have found that trust in the buying process is paramount to them. We found an immediate and sustained improvement in conversion rate when we implemented TrustedSite on our ecommerce site.”

-Vincent Ho, President DR-HO’S North America

Check out to see the trustmarks in action. Read about more TrustedSite tests on other ecommerce sites in our Testing Trust series!

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