Stealth Belt® sees 7.6% conversion increase testing TrustedSite certifications against Norton Shopping Guarantee

Stealth Belt® sees 7.6% conversion increase testing TrustedSite certifications against Norton Shopping Guarantee

This post is part of our Testing Trust series where website security trustmarks are put to the test in real-world experiments conducted by top marketing agencies. We hope the results of these tests will help ecommerce websites discover new ways to optimize visitor trust.

People around the world with an ostomy trust Stealth Belt® to help them continue living life to the fullest.

To help new customers build trust in their products and website, Stealth Belt® had been using Norton Shopping Guarantee badges, but decided to test TrustedSite trustmarks when they heard of the conversion improvements other sites have seen by making the switch.

The Stealth Belt® team used in house resources to create an experiment that would display Norton Shopping Guarantee badges to half of their visitors and TrustedSite trustmarks to the other half.

Before launching the test, Stealth Belt® earned the following TrustedSite certifications so they could implement the trustmarks throughout their site:

  • Certified Secure
  • Verified Business
  • Issue-Free Orders
  • Shopper Identity Protection
  • Data Protection
  • McAfee SECURE certification

Each TrustedSite certification has a set of requirements that sites must meet in order to display TrustedSite trustmarks. Stealth Belt® took the necessary steps to meet the requirements and added 4 TrustedSite trustmarks across their site.

With TrustedSite trustmarks implemented throughout the customer journey on, the site was able to build visitor trust and as a result saw 7.6% more conversions than it did with the Norton Shopping Guarantee.

Keep reading to get a closer look at the experiment plan and learn why we believe TrustedSite site outperformed the competition in this test.

Test Results

80% confidence level

  • Conversion Rate


    All Devices
  • Conversion Rate


  • Average Order Value


    New Visitors

TrustedSite vs Norton Shopping Guarantee on

Experiment Overview

  • Test conducted by

    Stealth Belt® team

  • Testing Tool
  • Test Duration

    4 weeks

Variants & Placements

The experiment was run as a standard A/B test, with the control version containing Norton Shopping Guarantee badges and the variant containing TrustedSite trustmarks. All site traffic was split evenly between the control and the variant.

Control - Norton Shopping Guarantee

In the control version, 3 Norton Shopping Guarantee trust badges were placed in 3 locations throughout the site. The badges were shown to all users, but the floating badge that appeared in the bottom left corner of all pages could not be seen by smartphone users.

Variant (Winner) - TrustedSite

The winning version of the test placed 4 TrustedSite trustmarks in 5 locations throughout the site. All of the TrustedSite trustmarks were visible to users on all devices including mobile.

Placement 1 - Lower left corner, all pages

Since building trust with new visitors was a priority in this test, it was important to ensure that the site can show it is a legitimate business across all pages. To achieve that, the TrustedSite floating trustmark was placed in the lower-left corner of every page on Stealth Belt’s® site. On desktop, the trustmark was placed just to the right of the Google Reviews widget with enough space in between so the two would not interfere with one another.

The TrustedSite floating trustmark was visible to those who shopped on their smartphone, while the Norton Shopping Guarantee badge that was placed in the same location in the control version of the test was not visible on mobile. We think this is a major contributing factor to the 10.7% mobile device conversion lift seen in the TrustedSite test variation.

Visitors were able to click the floating trustmark to open the site’s certification modal and see all of the certifications it has earned.

According to our recent survey, 32% of consumers look for information about a business in a site’s footer. Stealth Belt® includes their business phone number, email address, social media links, and accepted payment methods in their site footer to show visitors that they are a real business. To further build trust, the TrustedSite Certified Secure engagement trustmark was added to the footer next to the secure payment methods.

Placement 3 - Shopping Cart

Many consumers start to worry about the security of their personal information when they view their cart on an ecommerce site. To alleviate this concern and help reduce cart abandonment, the TrustedSite Identity Protection trustmark was placed on Stealth Belt’s® shopping cart page underneath the proceed to checkout button. This trustmark lets visitors know that if their personal information is stolen within the next 90 days, making a purchase qualifies them to receive up to $100,000 in identity protection insurance.

Placement 4 & 5 - Checkout

Credit card security comes to the forefront at checkout–72% of consumers say they’re concerned about their payment information staying protected at this stage. To help visitors build trust in Stealth Belt’s® checkout process, the Secure Checkout and Identity Protection trustmarks were placed here.

The Secure Checkout trustmark lets visitors know that TrustedSite has verified the site’s checkout safely transmits customer data using SSL. It was placed in the payment information section above the payment method selections so that visitors would be more likely to see it. In addition, the Identity Protection trustmark was placed in the order review section to remind visitors of the measures the site has put in place to keep their purchase protected.

With 5 TrustedSite trustmark placements throughout their site, Stealth Belt® increased overall conversions by 7.6%, mobile visitors converted 10.7% more and new visitors spent 6.3% more on average. The Stealth Belt® team was pleased with the results and decided to replace the Norton Shopping Guarantee badges with TrustedSite trustmarks.

“Working with TrustedSite has been an easy and informative process. Every question I had along the way was answered quickly and effectively, and the A/B test clearly showed that our conversion rates were improved with TrustedSite as a trust factor on our site.”

-Collin Jarvis, Vice President at Stealth Belt®

With their new trust-building tools Stealth Belt® can expect to convert more new visitors over the coming months.

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