BodyGuardz sees a 4.4% mobile conversion increase by expanding from McAfee SECURE certification to the full TrustedSite suite of trustmarks

BodyGuardz sees a 4.4% mobile conversion increase by expanding from McAfee SECURE certification to the full TrustedSite suite of trustmarks

This post is part of our Testing Trust series where website security trustmarks are put to the test in real-world experiments conducted by top marketing agencies. We hope the results of these tests will help ecommerce websites discover new ways to optimize visitor trust.

Millions of people around the world trust BodyGuardz cases and screen protectors to keep their mobile devices safe.

To alleviate visitor security concerns, BodyGuardz had been displaying the McAfee SECURE trustmark™ in the footer and checkout. However, they hypothesized that visitors could have additional concerns like business legitimacy and data protection, and that expanding to the full suite of TrustedSite trustmarks (which includes the McAfee SECURE trustmark) could help to reduce those concerns. They decided to create an experiment that would test their hypothesis on

Before launching the test, BodyGuardz earned the following TrustedSite certifications:

Each TrustedSite certification has a set of requirements that must be met in order to display TrustedSite trustmarks. BodyGuardz met the requirements for 5 certifications and added 5 new TrustedSite trustmarks across their site alongside the exisiting McAfee SECURE trustmark.

The BodyGuardz team then created an A/B test to evaluate the impact of expanding to the full suite of TrustedSite trustmarks. In the control, they tested the original version of the site which had only the McAfee SECURE trustmark. In the variant, they tested the new TrustedSite trustmarks with the original McAfee SECURE trustmark placement.

At the end of the testing period, they concluded that the additional TrustedSite trustmarks improved performance on and they decided to continue using the service.

Keep reading to get a closer look at the experiment plan and learn why we think displaying the full suite of TrustedSite and McAfee SECURE trustmarks helped BodyGuardz build trust and increase conversions.

Test Results

Control vs Winning Variant

  • Conversion Rate


  • Conversion Rate


  • Revenue Increase


    All Devices

McAfee SECURE trustmark vs TrustedSite and McAfee SECURE trustmarks on

Experiment Plan

  • Site Platform
  • Testing Tool
  • Test Duration

    12 days

Variants & Placements

The experiment was run as an A/B test with the following variants. All site traffic was split evenly between the variants.

Control - McAfee SECURE

In the control version, the McAfee SECURE trustmark was left in the site footer and on the checkout page.

Variant (Winner) - TrustedSite + McAfee SECURE

The winning version of the test placed 6 TrustedSite and McAfee SECURE trustmarks in 6 locations throughout the site. All of the trustmarks were visible to users on all devices, including mobile.

Placement 1 - Lower left corner, all pages

To establish the site as a trustworthy business, the TrustedSite floating trustmark was placed in the lower-left corner of every page on No matter what their entrance page, all visitors were able to see that the site has been certified by TrustedSite. To learn how the site earned the certifications, visitors simply have to click the trustmark to open the site’s certification modal where they can read up on the requirements.

Many consumers look for information about a site’s security policies and practices in the footer. To help build trust with these visitors, BodyGuardz had been displaying the McAfee SECURE trustmark here, but for this experiment, the TrustedSite Certified Secure engagement trustmark was added alongside it.

Placement 3 - Shopping Cart

When consumers view their shopping cart on an unfamiliar site, many begin to worry about the security of the checkout and whether their personal information will be safe. To ease this concern and discourage cart abandonment, the TrustedSite Secure Checkout trustmark and the McAfee SECURE trustmark were displayed on the top of BodyGuard’s shopping cart page. The Secure Checkout trustmark shows visitors that TrustedSite has verified the site’s checkout safely transmits customer data using SSL encryption.

Placement 4 - Checkout

As they go through the checkout process, nearly three-fourths of consumers are concerned about the security of their payment information. To show visitors that the checkout process on is secure, the TrustedSite Secure Checkout and McAfee SECURE trustmarks were included at the top of the page.

Placement 5 - Create Account

Account creation is an important part of the customer retention process, but unfortunately over 57% of consumers are concerned about their personal information being stolen when asked to create an account. To show customers that their information will be kept secure on, the TrustedSite Secure Form trustmark was added to the account creation page underneath the form’s button.

Placement 6 - Sign In & Register

As a reminder of security when customers sign in to their account, the TrustedSite Secure Login trustmark was added to the site’s Sign In page.

With the McAfee SECURE trustmark and 5 TrustedSite trustmarks throughout their site, increased mobile conversions by 4.4%, increased desktop conversions by 2.7%, and increased revenue by 3.6%. Because of this success, the BodyGuardz team decided to upgrade to the full suite of TrustedSite trustmarks.

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